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Subject: Re: question to the developers about 466MHz
From: andu (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 21:40:31 MST

>It's seems to be rather common for people to have troubles with YDL on their
>iBooks.. just from getting to install (which, btw, 1.2 never worked for me,
>I've always had to do an internet install and use the CD just to boot).. to
>getting XWindows working once YDL is finally installed. Can you guys help us
>out a little? Is there just no support for it yet in the distro or are we
>just dumb? I mean, I've been using Linux for over 2 years now and making it
>work on my iBook is harder by far than my first slackware install 2.5 years

I think there are a lot of people in your situation, probably more then the ones without troubles with
Linux. I'm sure there are many who are working hard to make Linux more of a pleasure then a pain but
since the basic philosophy of Linux is to be in constant changing, by the time some problems are fixed,
other places get broken and there just doesn't seem to be enough knowhow to overcome this.
Blame it on the changing hardware market but the fact that consumers feel like buying a new computer
every 2 months, before it's in the stores should be no obligation for those behind Linux to keep up with
the latest unless they have what it takes.
The acceptance of bugs everywhere as a normal state of things to the extent that you may buy a cd
which doesn't install and you have to do all sorts of downloads and experiments in order to install that
cd says a lot about how far Linux is from the desk top and many other things. God forbid you fuck up
something and you have to start all over again and you lost your notes.
Linux is not for the experts because it's hard, but because it's so broken, and as time goes one has to
become even more of an expert if one HAS to use Linux.
Actually going through the archives of the list one can tell most questions have to do with problems
with the system or software delivered with the system rather then user stupidity.
I don't point my comments to YDL in particular but to Linux in general.

>--Steve "Loco3KGT" Gula

Regards, Andu

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