Re: BootX to yaboot on Lombard

Subject: Re: BootX to yaboot on Lombard
From: Jonathan Bertsch (
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 05:50:01 MST

> It's currently configured with BootX; so that means the kernel
> is on the MacOS side in the System Folder. There is only one
> disk, /dev/hda (with /dev/hda10 being /).

You can either leave the kernel image on the mac side or move it to the
linux part. If you want to move it to the linux side copy the
kernel/ and make sure the modules are in /lib/modules and make
you yaboot.conf file like this:

init-message="\nWelcome to Yellow Dog Linux\n"

append="video=aty128fb:vmode17; adb_buttons=103,111"

that last part might need to be different depending on your setup and
hardware, now for linux to boot a kernel on the mac os side simply change
the image= to be image=hd:#,vmlinux where the # is the partition where the
kernel is.

Jonathan Bertsch

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