Re: BootX to yaboot: backout plan

Subject: Re: BootX to yaboot: backout plan
From: Stephen Lewis (
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 23:02:59 MST

I too was very leery of messing with the OF boot sequence
without knowing the inverse function. But I found there
is an OF word 'set-defaults' which puts *everything*
back to the factory settings. (WARNING: this includes
the date clock) So if you get messed up this will
fix it, Boot into Open Firmware and type 'set-defaults' CR
Stephen Lewis

Paul J. Lucas wrote:
> OK, in the event that my switch to yaboot doesn't work the
> first try, I'd like to have a way to back out the change. To
> switch to using yaboot, I need to boot into Open Firmware and,
> among other things, do:
> setenv boot-device hd:\\bootscript
> What is the setenv command to undo the above, i.e., make it so
> that the machine will boot and run the Mac OS in the System
> Folder?
> - Paul

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