new IMAC and YDL 1.2.1

Subject: new IMAC and YDL 1.2.1
From: Nic Ferrier (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 18:33:15 MST

I have a copy of 1.2.1 and I'm trying to install it on my IMac (the
base IMac (ie: not the a DV model) from the latest range of IMacs).

I'm an experienced Linux user but I know *nothing* about macs and I'm
a little confused.

The main problem I'm having is with the keyboard. I can boot into
Linux install using the CDROM autoboot but during kernel startup there
are an awfull lot of interrupt errors and the usb device error (-101)
which suggests that the keyboard isn't being seen.

Sure enough when the kernel has loaded and the first page of the
install script appears I can't proceed (because the keyboard isn't

Now, I've spent the last 5-6 hours wandering around the web looking
at various bits of information and I'm now completly confused. I hope
someone can answers these questions for me:

Can I install to the IMac with what I have on the CD?
Or do I need a precompiled kernel which has the latest USB stuff?
It makes sense to me that I would need one of the new kernels but
since the YDL stuff says that IMacs are supported I presume that the
kernel on the CD has USB backtracking in it and maybe I'm doing
something wrong.

Do I *need* to use yaboot?
Most of what I've read says that yaboot is obligatory for new-world
macs (which I presume mine is because it has a nice coloured case and
it's only 1 month old) but the YDL stuff says to use BootX if you

How do I use yaboot?
Is there a beginners guide to where all the bits have to go? Here are
my main confusions:

- creating HFS partitions, I can only create MacOS Standard or MacOS
Extended partitions; do these relate to HFS and HFS+ (I presume they

- can I have MacOS and a linux boot partition on the same partition?
if so where do I put the kernel and ramdisk?

- how do the partition's I can see in the Mac disktool relate to hda
numbers? all the docs for yaboot seem to talk about hda8 or hda0 but I
don't know which partition is which!

- is there a better native MacOS partition table editor that I should
be using instead of the disk tool supplied with MacOS?

Sorry that these are all so lame... it seems that I'm quite unusual
in being a non-Mac user installing Linux... most people seem to have
trouble with the Linux parts. I'm having trouble with the Mac parts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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