Dual G4 Boot Issues

Subject: Dual G4 Boot Issues
From: Steve Poole (sp@is2-isnot.com)
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 20:02:30 MST

I just purchased the "disk" option from YDL for my dual G4. I installed the
disk etc. When I let it take it's natural course trying to boot, I get
nothing. So I hit the space bar and it still boots MacOS. So I went into OF
and did mac-boot and got into the Yaboot script. It got to booting the
kernel and the screen goes black and the power light blinks BRIGHT. Nothing
from there on. It is Yaboot 0.8. Any ideas ?

Steve Poole
Technical Therapist
Phone 713.806.0329
eFax 240.539.7413

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