Dual processor woe

Subject: Dual processor woe
From: Adriaan Tijsseling (adriaan@etl.go.jp )
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 02:44:33 MST


I just purchased YDL CS-1.2.1, but I'm running a dual processor G4.
I should be able to install this, but I can't get to boot from yaboot
or from BootX.

Anyway, there's this "fix" online, but I cannot get it to work either.
I downloaded the Kernel w/dual-G4 + 1GB RAM Support by Jeremias
Sauceda. But I can't boot yaboot from within Open Firmware. The command
'boot hd:\\yaboot' fails with "Can't open yaboot". If I use my
partion's name instead of 'hd', then it boots that partition, but never
calls yaboot.

Has anyone already managed to install YDL on a dual G4?


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