Re: yup update problem

Subject: Re: yup update problem
From: Bryan Stillwell (
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 08:56:15 MST

On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 09:46:55PM -0500, Patrick Callahan wrote:
>Shouldn't we be able to install additional packages and upgrades without
>having to abandon the upgrades you provide?

Absolutely, but not if the rpm database gets broken by calling rpm with
the --force command.

>Otherwise the solution is a clean install,
> followed by a yup update
> followed by upgrades and installs of all the packages we want over and
>above the ones ydl provides in the base distribution and yup.

Your best bet would be to recompile the new software which you wish to
install from SRPMs, so that they use the libraries on your system and not
from someone else's system. You can try running yup with the
--ignore-deps option, but if you want to avoid probable problems in the
future you should make sure your libraries match what your programs use.
The easiest way to do that is by having an unbroken rpm database.

If you're curious which shared libraries a given executable on your
system uses, you can run ldd on it:

(~)> ldd /usr/sbin/mtr => /lib/ (0x0ffcd000) => /lib/ (0x0ff7f000) => /usr/lib/ (0x0ff07000) => /lib/ (0x0fee3000) => /lib/ (0x0fd9f000)
        /lib/ => /lib/ (0x30000000)


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