Re: MOL help needed

Subject: Re: MOL help needed
From: Carolyn Jean Fairman (cfairman@Stanford.EDU)
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 10:06:47 MST

Sorry I didn't get back on it. I found that everyone else's Mac has
Rom images so I got on from a G4 and another G3 (box, tower, not sure
what mine is called) but then I haven't had time to test them out. I
am not quite sure why my computer -- a G3 running 9.1 that I updated
from the Apple site -- didn't have the image file but I have several
to try now and I'll let you know if they work.


   I've been scratching my head about this for two days.
   You're on 9.1, right?
   What kind of hardware is it? (G3, iMac, etc)

   On 1/22/01 at 2:41 PM, cfairman@Stanford.EDU (Carolyn Jean Fairman) wrote:

> Sam Moore <> wrote:
> There should be a "Mac OS ROM" file in your Mac System Folder -
> that's the one
> you want. (It should also be in the System Folder of your MacOS
> install CD, but
> I don't know about the upgrader disk...)
> That's just it -- I can't find this file on my Mac! Is there any way
> I can use a generic one found elsewhere?
> Carolyn

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