Re: Install on RS/6000

Subject: Re: Install on RS/6000
From: Alberto Varesio (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 01:37:31 MDT

"Victor R. Cain" wrote:
> I have an RS/6000 that I would like to install YDL on but I
> haven't been able to get past the instructions to boot from
> a floppy. My computer has no LED's on the front panel and I
> don't know of a way to get to the "Open Firmware command" to
> give a boot command. I have had no luck with pressing F8 on
> either a normal boot or a boot of the system diskette.
> The machine is a Type 7020 Model 1U0. It was a special machine
> that, as far as I know, was only sold at a computer show several
> years ago.
> The processor is a type 601 and it does have several PCI slots.
> The graphics board is a GXT150P and the drives are SCSI.
> I do have a "System Management Services Diskette" but it's options
> are limited to "Manage COnfiguration", "Select Boot Devices",
> "Test the Computer", and "Utilities". None of the "utilities"
> seem helpful.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Vic Cain

It looks like a 40P: no Open Firmware, sorry.

It is a model very similar to older 43P (7248-100/120/133),
you should head to and try
to start with that infos. YMMV.

This list will help too :

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