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Subject: Re: Newbie questions
From: Steve Moitozo II (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 16:17:58 MDT


I believe the monitor settings are transferred if you have the "no video
driver" UNCHECKED when using BootX.

Refer to the "A Installation Guide" from YDL see pages 4.8, 6.6 & 6.7
(especially pg 6.6)

You can download the manual at:

Hope that helps

Steve Moitozo

> From: Ted <>
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> Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 21:39:20 +0100
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> Subject: Newbie questions
> Dear All,
> I've run Linux on PCs for a number of years, but I am new to=20
> running Linux on the Mac. In fact I'm new to Macs full stop!
> I have successfully set up Yellow Dog Champion Server 1.2 on=20
> a G4 PowerMac, and I can boot into MacOS 9, or into YD Linux.=20
> Howerver, there are one or two things that I would like help with.
> There only seems to be an American keyboard. This does not=20
> matter too much, the keys are identical to the United Kingdom=20
> keyboard, but there is no key for the =A3 sign. Does any one know how=20
> I can type =A3 signs in Yellow Dog Linux?
> Also, I've installed a number of distributions of Linux on=20
> PCs, and I have usually been able to configure X by using XF86Setup=20
> or Xconfigurator. In YD 1.2 the Xconfigurator seems to be automatic,=20
> and runs without my being able to enter the kind of input I am used=20
> to. I wanted to alter the default resolution of the monitor. What=20
> seems to be happening is that somehow YD Linux picks up the monitor=20
> resolution from the MacOS partition, because if I change the=20
> resolution in MacOS 9, and then boot Linux, the text based console=20
> runs at the resolution set in the MacOS, and if I rerun=20
> Xconfigurator, it automatically changes the monitor resolution in X=20
> to that set in the MacOS.
> The YD 1.2 installation has picked up correctly my USB=20
> keyboard and USB mouse, which surprised me, since I did not think=20
> that Linux supported USB yet, I did wonder what would happen. Is=20
> there support for any other USB devices in YD Linux? I'm thinking=20
> about a USB printer, and an USB Zip drive.
> I did not choose to install a printer during the installation=20
> process, because the install procedure indicated that the printer=20
> would be connected to a COMM port. Does this mean the ADB serial=20
> ports that Macs used to have are described as COMM ports under YD=20
> Linux? And if so, could I get a card for my G4 with serial ports on=20
> it which would work with Linux, and so support my printer?
> Lastly, I've read the faq about 'Bootloading on New World ROM=20
> Machines', but I can't seem to get the instruction in section 7 to=20
> work. If I enter "setenv auto-boot =3D false" at the Open Firmware=20
> prompt the computer still boots into the MacOS unless I press=20
> 'Command + Option + o +f' to evoke the Open Firmware Prompt. Is=20
> there an error in the command? I can't seem to find any=20
> documentation on the use of the Open Firmware prompt.
> Please forgive these newbie questions. I would greatly=20
> appreciate comments on any of these issues.
> Ted
> It's all part of life's rich pageant.

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