Re: Booting from an external drive?

Subject: Re: Booting from an external drive?
From: Douglas Burchard (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 11:37:55 MDT

> From: Robert Fout <>
>> From: Douglas Burchard <>
>> I'm wondering if YDL could be loaded on an external hard drive and run as an
>> alternate to the existing MacOS system. Any experience in this?
> Installing and booting from an external hard drive will work, as long as the
> hard drive controller is supported by YDL. what kind of power mac do you
> have, and what kind of hard drive is it? are you gonna use onboard SCSI, or
> do you have a PCI SCSI card?

Thanks for the quick response! :)

We haven't done the purchasing yet, however we're looking at a G4/450. So
that would mean a PCI SCSI card. The hard drive would be whatever works for
running YDL.

So the two questions I guess come down to: Would this work with a PCI SCSI
card? And if so, what external hard drive would be recommended?

Is there a list of hard drive controllers available that I missed on the web

Thanks again for any assistance.

Douglas Burchard
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