Re: PowerBook install help?

Subject: Re: PowerBook install help?
From: Joshua Capy (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 13:55:11 MDT

--- "Conrad M. Hirano" <>
> on 6/30/00 9:56 AM, Joshua Capy at
> wrote:
> > Conrad,
> > Thanks for the response I have followed your
> > directions and I am stalled at item 10.
> > I restarted into firmware and issued the commands
> you
> > listed and this is the out put
> >
> > 0> setenv boot-deviece hd:10,bootinfo ok
> > 0> setenv boot-command boot ok
> > 0> boot hd:10,yaboot can't OPEN: hd10,yaboot ok
> >
> > can anyone shed any light on this?
> > Joshua
> "hd:10,yaboot" specifies a file called "yaboot" on
> the tenth partition of
> the IDE drive. If you followed the procedure listed
> on the FAQ-o-matic
> exactly, then that file should be there. If you
> didn't, then it's possible
> that the partition number is different, e.g. hd:10
> should be hd:11, or as
> Ken wrote, the file name might be different, e.g.
> "yaboot.txbi" instead of
> "yaboot."
> The other possibility may be that your copy of
> yaboot is corrupted, but I
> doubt that as it sounds like you were able to use it
> to run the installer.
> Conrad

Conrad yaboot was corrupt and the partition was 9 not
10, but that did not solve all of the problems.

Now yaboot opens and the ramdisk and kernal load, but
the install does not run beyond that. It appears that
it cannot find it. In your directions you had the
basic and rpm folders on the the shared partition, but
I had already partitioned my drive to another install
method and only have the shared drive sized for 32meg
expecting to use the cd. How do I get the install to
recognize the cd or do I have to wipe my drive again
and start all over?

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