MAC Performa 6400/180 PowerPC, and office suites.

Subject: MAC Performa 6400/180 PowerPC, and office suites.
From: Clarence Brown (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 14:46:56 MDT

I have a friend with the above mentioned computer, and he's talking
about scrapping
the Mac OS and loading linux on it. I've told him how stable my PC's
that run FreeBSD
are, and the PC Linuxes are pretty stable too. I told him I'd ask
around about the MAC
for him.

He's tired of what he sees as apparent instabilities with the MAC and
it's OS and
all the "extensions" it loads up without asking him. Apparently
sometimes it just
stops responding although he says it's better now that he ran conflict
catcher. He's
had to upgrade, and a couple of times just reload the MAC OS to
straighten it out.

What's the "best" linux for his machine?

How Stable are the MAC (PowerPC) Linuxes?

How compatible with the "mainstream" Linuxes (read PC Linux) are the
MAC Linuxes?

Can he run WordPerfect 8 for Linux on his MAC if he loads Linux on it?

What office suites can he run?

Thanks Cla.

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