Re: Can't boot to MacOS on G4/AGP w/ preinstalled drive

Subject: Re: Can't boot to MacOS on G4/AGP w/ preinstalled drive
From: Jeff Ridder (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 12:53:56 MDT

What happens when you hold down the Option key when you power the machine

Jeff Ridder

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> Subject: Can't boot to MacOS on G4/AGP w/ preinstalled drive
> I just got my pre-installed Yellow Dog hard drive, and it works perfectly in
> my AGP G4/400. When the computer starts up, it goes into the yaboot screen. I
> type "Linux", hit return, and Linux boots normally. However, I can't figure
> out how to boot to Mac OS with this setup. The installation instructions for
> the preinstalled drives (which are very short) say that to boot into Mac OS, I
> should hold down the space bar as the computer starts up or reboots. I tried
> this, but yaboot still comes up, and only gives me "Linux" as an option when I
> press the Tab key. I have had to disconnect the YDL drive to boot my Mac OS
> drive.
> I'm wondering if my drives are set up properly. My internal IDE chain looks
> like this:
> Logic board----------Mac OS drive (slave)--------YDL drive (master)
> I'm not quite sure that my Mac OS drive is jumpered as a slave, because the
> instructions on the drive case are really unclear...I took all the jumper pins
> off, which I think is supposed to work.
> I can still bring up Open Firmware; however, when I type "mac-boot", it goes
> right into yaboot.
> My Mac OS drive is 10 GB, formatted into two HFS+ partitions, with OS 9.0.4 on
> the larger partition. Is it okay not to have a regular HFS partition? I'm not
> sure what the problem might be, since I followed the installation instructions
> exactly (there were only 14 steps, mostly "open your computer" or "turn the
> power on"). Has anyone else with a preinstalled drive had this problem? Or,
> is there a way for me to load MacOS from yaboot? (I would have no problem
> doing that). Thanks in advance for helping a newbie.
> Andrew
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