Re: ibook ustable

Subject: Re: ibook ustable
From: Omar Armas Aleman (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 10:29:40 MDT

> reply, i have noticed that yellow dog and the xfree86 package is flakey.....i
> upgraded to XFree86-4.0 and it still works kinda strange and i have several
> years linux experience with xfree86 setups. so im not sure what to tell
> you........

It seems like X is more stable now(i dont know why).
But I continue to see strange thins in the iBook with YDL 1.2:

-Network: The net is very slow, even a ping some times last 6600ms.
Others machines in the same network doesn't have this problem.

-GCC: I was trying to compile mysql and it dies with a signal 11 compiler

-Mailman: I installed mailman, but when I add a new list it sends some
strange python errors(I will try to compile python and reinstall mailman).

-Sound still doesn't work.

-Modem not working.

The rest seems to work nice, I have Helix Code and I'm begining to like
more the Mac's.


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