Install problem: Can't boot from CD-ROM

Subject: Install problem: Can't boot from CD-ROM
From: Andrew D Straw (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 19:44:24 MDT

Hi all,

I just bought a copy of Yellow Dog Linux, and I can't boot from the CD-ROM
on my G4/450. I hold down the 'c' key during/after the boot chime, but
Mac OS always boots from my Mac OS harddrive. If I physically remove that
drive from my system (there's another disk, currently blank, awaiting
linux...), it seems that at first the CD (DVD) drive spins but then I get
an icon of a folder that is blinking with a question mark and the Mac OS
symbol. I have a Macally USB keyboard (instead of the tiny iMac-style
keyboard) -- could that be the problem?

I'm in temporary quarters this summer, and I didn't bring a Mac OS install
CD with me, so I can't test if I can boot from that CD. Also, I didn't
bring my iMac-style keyboard, so I can't test if that's the problem

However, it since the CD is spinning at startup, it seems to me like the
Mac is trying to see if it can boot from the CD. Perhaps my YDL CD is

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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