Install problem: Can't boot from CD-ROM

Subject: Install problem: Can't boot from CD-ROM
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 05:31:17 MDT

Have you checked the disk title under MacOS. I bought a YDL 1.2 set from our
local Univ bookstore, and had a defective install disk (Actually, it was a JUNO
disk). I contacted YD, and they mailed me a new set. Also, make sure you are
using the install, and not the source disk.

John Newsom

> Hi all,
> I just bought a copy of Yellow Dog Linux, and I can't boot from the CD-ROM
> on my G4/450. I hold down the 'c' key during/after the boot chime, but
> Mac OS always boots from my Mac OS harddrive. If I physically remove that
> drive from my system (there's another disk, currently blank, awaiting
> linux...), it seems that at first the CD (DVD) drive spins but then I get
> an icon of a folder that is blinking with a question mark and the Mac OS
> symbol. I have a Macally USB keyboard (instead of the tiny iMac-style
> keyboard) -- could that be the problem?
> I'm in temporary quarters this summer, and I didn't bring a Mac OS install
> CD with me, so I can't test if I can boot from that CD. Also, I didn't
> bring my iMac-style keyboard, so I can't test if that's the problem
> either.
> However, it since the CD is spinning at startup, it seems to me like the
> Mac is trying to see if it can boot from the CD. Perhaps my YDL CD is
> defective?
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Andrew

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