Problem with X I think...

Subject: Problem with X I think...
From: Sixer (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 19:30:56 MDT

I have a beige G3/233 desktop which is pretty much stock. I loaded YD CS
1.2 and it seems to have problems with the X server. Linux will
eventually just lock up. I won't be able to use the mouse or the
keyboard. I can telnet/ssh to my machine and try to kill the X server but
that still doesn't bring my machine out of the lock. I'm forced to do a
forced restart on my G3. Eventually, Linux gave out and now I can't start
up anymore. I'm probably going to have to reinstall. So, does anyone
have an idea what could be causing these freeze-ups so I can fix it the
second time around? Does it have anything to do with xfbdev? (I
ask b/c a friend mentioned xfbdev.) Thanks in advance!

Pablo :^)


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