System Corruption on Pismo / Recovery

Subject: System Corruption on Pismo / Recovery
From: Peter J Muhlberger (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 13:37:19 MDT

Hi folks: I recently installed Linux on my Pismo, but in playing around
w/ it I crashed the system & now Gnome & gdm aren't working. I probably
need to reinstall the system. I'm hoping some of you could clarify a
few things to help me avoid this mess in the future.

One thing I'm wondering about is whether KDE, Gnome, & esp. Gnome under
Sawmill are inherently unstable on a Pismo or it's just me. Anyone out
there problem free?

Also, what's a good way to recover from a crashed system? Is it
sufficient simply to reboot, or always best to reboot from rescue.image
& run fsck or e2fsck w/ a superblock offset? Is it a good idea to
reinstall the software that appears to be damaged? I used rpm to
reinstall, but this did no good. Is it dangerous to delete files from
/tmp after a crash?

My bottom panel disappeared in Gnome while I was switching to or from
Sawmill. Is there any way to make it reappear in Gnome, KDE? Is there
any way to cleanly logout of Gnome w/o the panel? ctrl-alt-cmd-del
seemed to log me out, but am not sure it's clean.

Anyone ever have gdm go into an infinite loop flashing text on their
screen? Is there a solution? Can Gnome be accessed w/o gdm in YDL?

My worst problems seemed to have occurred after I tried to dim the
screen w/ the buttons on the Pismo keyboard while in Gnome (w/ Sawmill I
think). This caused the computer to suddenly turn off.



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