RS/6000 part III

Subject: RS/6000 part III
From: Stefan Schneider (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 08:06:41 MDT

Yes I know... this might be becoming tiresome for the list ;)

Anyway, I've keep updating my kernel from but still no
luck, I put aside the serial console issues and I'm working on having at
least a bootable kernel for my B50 using linux-pmac-stable (2.2.17pre7). It
compiles, it gunzips, it crashes... IMHO from something in the FB or SCSI
code that makes it freeze and not do a thing (Everytime it does that the LED
display shows E105 if that helps), I was wondering if someone on the list
has had any success with Kernel 2.2.17pre7 or could help me with that error

The error log:
0>boot floppy:,\zimage root=/dev/sda5
chrpboot starting loaded at 0x400000
avail_ram = f0f0
guzipping (0x10000 <- 0x415cc8:0x5089dc)...

Then it dies (E105)

Thanks in advance


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