Re: System Corruption on Pismo / Recovery

Subject: Re: System Corruption on Pismo / Recovery
From: Ken Scott (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 14:13:32 MDT

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Peter J Muhlberger wrote:

> Hi folks: I recently installed Linux on my Pismo, but in playing around
> w/ it I crashed the system & now Gnome & gdm aren't working. I probably
> need to reinstall the system. I'm hoping some of you could clarify a
> few things to help me avoid this mess in the future.
> One thing I'm wondering about is whether KDE, Gnome, & esp. Gnome under
> Sawmill are inherently unstable on a Pismo or it's just me. Anyone out
> there problem free?

Other than a couple of nits (zclock not session saving, blur panel for
xmms not saving position), I'e been running YDL 1.2 on my Pismo 500 for
the last two weeks with no problems.

> Also, what's a good way to recover from a crashed system? Is it
> sufficient simply to reboot, or always best to reboot from rescue.image
> & run fsck or e2fsck w/ a superblock offset? Is it a good idea to
> reinstall the software that appears to be damaged? I used rpm to
> reinstall, but this did no good. Is it dangerous to delete files from
> /tmp after a crash?
> My bottom panel disappeared in Gnome while I was switching to or from
> Sawmill. Is there any way to make it reappear in Gnome, KDE? Is there
> any way to cleanly logout of Gnome w/o the panel? ctrl-alt-cmd-del
> seemed to log me out, but am not sure it's clean.

I've had luck on intel by running gnome-panel from a command line if it
dies on me. I restart the panel, then exit X to try to get the session to
remember it again.

> Anyone ever have gdm go into an infinite loop flashing text on their
> screen? Is there a solution? Can Gnome be accessed w/o gdm in YDL?

You can set your default runlevel in /etc/inittab (I think that 's the
name). If you are booting to gdm, you have it set to 5. Change it to 3,
you will boot to a command prompt. Log in, type startx and you should be
in Gnome then.

> My worst problems seemed to have occurred after I tried to dim the
> screen w/ the buttons on the Pismo keyboard while in Gnome (w/ Sawmill I
> think). This caused the computer to suddenly turn off.

Yep, did it to me once. I figured that the hardware buttons weren't
supported, and haven't tried since. I'd love to hear differently.

My experience is now with the 2.2.17pre9 kernel from Ben's site. Been
working great for me. Recompiled for some USB stuff (usbdevfs, mainly),
and everything is working great.


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