Re: CS1.2 install problems on ext SCSI

Subject: Re: CS1.2 install problems on ext SCSI
From: Sy or Ursula Bensky (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 13:52:11 MDT

I think that teher is something in the install or startup instructions
about CS1.2 not working on SCSI drives.


At 03:37 PM 07-14-00 -0400, you wrote:
>I just got my CS1.2 cd's today and am having trouble installing onto a SCSI
>External on a 9600.
>1) I do the partitioning in fdisk, and when I write the table it says
>(re-read failed- device busy) - apparently this is ok?
>2) I force restart the Mac
>3) second time through, the map looks ok in pdisk, when I continue, I get
>the "error reading table for /tmp/sdb" - apparently this is also ok?
>4) when I choose skip drive, the installer immediately seg faults.
>Now this seems to be exactly the same problems I had with CS1.1 on another
>9600 and an external SCSI last year. The only way I got it to install was on
>the internal, which worked fine.
>Someone on the list mentioned problems installing to a 7200 w/ext SCSI last
>month, but there were no replies.
>Does anyone know a solution or workaround to get YDL onto this drive?
>John Holm

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