Re: Sonnet G3 upgrades and YDL on a 6500

Subject: Re: Sonnet G3 upgrades and YDL on a 6500
From: Mainh2o (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 19:06:43 MDT

Thank you very much for your input. I works like a charm!


Chris Waters

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> From: "L.B. Noire" <> > Reply-To: > Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 12:23:52 -0500 > To: > Subject: Re: Sonnet G3 upgrades and YDL on a 6500 > >> From: Mainh2o <> >> But you actually got the g3/l2 to work? It just would not boot the IDE >> drive? Please let me know what you did to make that happen. Thanks > > I just bought a Sonnet Crescendo G3/L2 400/1MB for my PowerMac 6400/200 > and now have it working with YDL 1.2. The 6400 is virtually identical to the > 6500 but has a 40MHz bus instead of a 50MHz bus so my experience might be of > some use to you. It might not be the most elegant solution but it works and > gives me the option of booting Linux on startup. > > The problem with the G3/L2 upgrades on Alchemy motherboards is that the > L2CR information isn't getting passed properly to BootX. This can be resolved > by using the G3/G4 Cache Profiler 1.3 from PowerLogix. It can be downloaded > from <>. This extension will > pass the necessary information onto BootX and allow you to boot Linux with the > G3/L2 card enabled. > > The tricky part is that you have to have the extensions load in the > correct order: (1) the G3 enabler, (2) the G3/G4 Profiler INIT, and then (3) > the BootX extension. I accomplished this by first changing the Sonnet > Processor Upgrade extension's filetype from "INIT" to "scri". Then I added > two nonstandard characters to the beginning of the name. (I don't know which > character it is since I just copied it from the beginning of the Conflict > Catcher extension.) I did this so the G3 enabler would boot before Conflict > Catcher and be the first thing the computer loaded. So the resulting filename > was "**Sonnet Processor Upgrade" where the "*"s are the mystery character. > :-) I'm using v1.4.4 of the Crescendo software. > > Then I installed the G3/G4 Profiler INIT from the PowerLogix software > package. It will boot second because of its filetype and name. Then in the > G3/G4 Cache Profiler application under the "Other" tab I checked the box > marked "Configure BootX L2CR on Restart". > > Finally I installed the BootX extension from BootX 1.2.2 package and left > it as it was originally named. > > The result of all this is that the G3 card gets enabled first by the > "Sonnet Processor Upgrade" extension, then the G3/G4 Profiler INIT loads and > will pass the L2CR info to BootX if necessary, and then the BootX extension > comes up and will ask if you want to boot into Mac OS or Linux. Choose Mac OS > and the rest of the extensions will march across your screen. Choose Linux > and - well, you know the rest. > > I'm booting from the kernel on a Mac OS partition on a SCSI drive but the > Linux partition resides on an IDE drive. I haven't played with other > configurations. > > I'm using 2.2.15-2.9.0 kernel that comes with YDL 1.2 by default. I have > also tested this with the 2.2.12 kernel found at > <>. > > The nice thing is that now I can use Mac-On-Linux right out of the box > without having to patch my kernel as 603-based machines require. My BogoMIPs > have gone from approximately 160 with the 603ev to 799 with the G3 card. I > can actually use RealPlayer without it dropping frames like crazy. > > I hope this helps someone out there. If you have any questions feel free > to e-mail me. > > Cheers, > > -lbn

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