USB mouse works in console, but not XFree86 4.0

Subject: USB mouse works in console, but not XFree86 4.0
From: Andrew D Straw (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 14:47:47 MDT

Hi all,

My USB mouse (Kensington "Mouse in a Box USB" with 2 buttons and a scroll
wheel) doesn't work in X windows.

I'm running YDL 1.2, with its stock kernel 2.2.15 (-2.9.0 ?). My
understanding is that this kernel can deal with USB mice (rather than the
old way of emulating another mouse and mapping mouse-clicks to
key-strokes). And, indeed, the mouse seems to work fine in console mode,
which I believe means that kernel side of mouse support is working fine.

When I start XFree86 4.0, (installed from from Jack Howarth's RPMs), the
mouse doesn't work right. It starts in the middle of the screen, but as
soon as I try to move it, it drops to the lower left corner and never
leaves. If I'm running KDE, the bottom panel slides open and closed
whenever I try to move the mouse, indicating to me that KDE thinks I'm
clicking the mouse buttons. So it seems that maybe the axes are screwed
up and confused with buttons.

Any ideas? Is this a configuration thing? An X thing? A kernel thing? I
have run mouseconfig and Xconfigurator.

Andrew Straw

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