Re: I kneed real help installing XFree86 4.0

Subject: Re: I kneed real help installing XFree86 4.0
From: Pat Plummer (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 18:55:07 MDT

> Follow the instructions for installing on the iMac DVs at
> That will get you
> through the problem with the dependencies and missing Mesa.

But the instructions at yellowdog actually are fairly vague on some central
key issues. As in:

-which of benh's kernels are the best (with respect to stability and
function) to go with? The latest one or the most recent one in the stable

-what's the best way to do the kernel install? I assume that benh's kernels
are precompiled.

-the install instructions differ between yellowdog's FAQ and the install
instructions at Which method (<rpm -e --nodeps `rpm
-qa | grep XFree`> vs. <rpm -Uvh>) is best?

-when you do try the install (by either method), there are problems with the
install of the XFree86 4.0 package itself as well as one or two of the other
packages as I remember. Even repeat downloading of the offending packages
did not change this.

Most likely Linux veterans are able to perform these tasks without a second
thought, but us newbies (namely me) are stumbling around in the dark here :)

Thanks for any help anyone can provide...


Pat Plummer, MD

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