RE: Shutdown & Restart

Subject: RE: Shutdown & Restart
From: bittin_s (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 08:23:13 MDT

Robert, just type "shutdown -r now" (minus quotes of course) to restart, or
type "shutdown -h now" (again without the quotes) to shutdown right away.
There is a way to have the restart or shutdown happen after a certain length
of time, unfortunately I don't remember the context (you replace the now with
something else, I can't remember what though). That's about it. Oh yeah, in
case you wonder for any reason the "h" stands for "halt" and the "r" for


P.S. you can also type reboot and halt if you feel so inclined.

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>HI, I am new to linux so excuse this question. How do you on CS 1.2 Shutdown
>the CPU or restart the system? Are there shutdown & restart commands?

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