Disappearing Mouse Pointer

Subject: Disappearing Mouse Pointer
From: chandler (chandler@andsoforth.com)
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 21:41:17 MDT

I don't know if this is a YDL-specific issue, but it has happened to me in
a variety of settings. I currently run X as it comes in YDL with
Enlightenment as window manager on an iMac with a Kensington 3 button
mouse. This has also happened to me in Gnome using Sawmill. Once in a
while, the mouse will either disappear or lock in the upper-right corner.
It's not a fatal error, in that no processes halt, but I have to
alt-escape out of X and run xinit again. Any clues on what is causing this
or how to prevent it?

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