Re: Installing OpenSSH: help

Subject: Re: Installing OpenSSH: help
From: Brett Humphreys (
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 10:20:43 MDT

Unfortunately i scoure the documentation, and there isn't even an install
doc. below is what i've got in my ssh dir after untarring and gunziping the
tarball. No install, no config no configure.. i'm a bit stumped. I got
the openssh-2.1.1.tzg off of the ftpsite. So I guess i'll
try a different tarball & version and see if that will help at all


COPYING.Ylonen authfile.c dispatch.c match.c scp.c
CVS authfile.h dispatch.h match.h servconf.c
Makefile aux.c dsa.c mpaux.c servconf.h
sshconnect1.c bufaux.c dsa.h mpaux.h serverloop.c
OVERVIEW bufaux.h fingerprint.c myproposal.h session.c sshd
README buffer.c fingerprint.h nchan.c session.h
README.openssh2 buffer.h getput.h nchan.h ssh
RFC.nroff canohost.c hmac.c ssh-add
atomicio.c channels.c hmac.h ssh-add.1

> On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 11:41:15AM -0400, Brett Humphreys ( wrote:
> > brock
> > I'm glad it worked! after your email, I though "hmm i'd like sshd on my
> > machine".. so i got openssl, ./configure and made and installed it. Then
> > i got openssh and couldn't find the configure script.. did you have any
> > luck with this? or even try your hand at it?
> Sheesh. You didn't even *look* at the documentation, did you? If you
> look in the INSTALL document, you'll see where openssl uses "config",
> not "configure".
> -Rich
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