RE: Burning the ISO images

Subject: RE: Burning the ISO images
From: Eric Stewart (
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 05:43:12 MDT

         Reply to: RE: Burning the ISO images
Use disc copy to mount the image, then use the Disc copy in Toast to burn the image. I have done it this way, but I had to have all of my applications closed first.

Eric Stewart

Tim Giron wrote:
>I have been quite unsuccessful in burning the .iso images in preparation >for install. I have the OEM version of Toast 4.1 running on my iMac (I am >installing onto a 7500). I read somewhere that I needed to change the file type and >creator on the image files to hImg and CDr3 which does change them to Toast files but >double clicking them or dragging them onto the Toast window merely produces an >Untitled CD with the image file as the only file to be burned (besides the hidden >desktop files). I would expect Toast to expand the image out into its directory >structure... Do I have to have Toast Deluxe to accomplish a burn from an image file? >Before I break down and just purchase the install CDs, is there something else I >need to try?
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