RE: Burning the ISO images

Subject: RE: Burning the ISO images
From: Richardsen, Reidar Andreas (
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 12:51:57 MDT

The images are hybrid CD's with both HFS and ISO volumes on them. I don't
think a Macintosh is capable of booting from a non-HFS(+) volume.

The procedure is the same, though. Choose "Disc Image" as format. Click the
"Data..." button and choose the right image. I did mount the volumes, but
I'm not sure if that's really necessary, but it will not screw up the disc
(I have installed succesfully...).

Use good CD-R media! I did not succed using the cheap label my employer buys
in quantity. I had som Sony CD-R's in a drawer, and then installation was a

Hope this helps!


> ---------- > From: > Reply To: > Sent: onsdag 19. juli 2000 18:16 > To: > Subject: Re: Burning the ISO images > > > I'm not sure you would need toast deluxe. I just downloaded the two linux > Mandrake iso images (for that *other* hardware platform :-), and I burned > the CDs in MacOS using toast. Under the format menu, there is a format > option called 'disk image' or something like that (sorry, don't have a > MacOS machine in front of me). If this is the same ISO image type as > Mandrake, all you do is drag the image over it and it should be fine. > > If I'm wrong about this, I'd like to know about it. > > Cheers, > > Chris > > > On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Scott R. Every wrote: > >you need toast deluxe > > > >--On Tuesday, July 18, 2000 10:16 PM -0700 Tim Giron <> > >wrote: > > > >> I have been quite unsuccessful in burning the .iso images in > preparation > >> for install. I have the OEM version of Toast 4.1 running on my iMac (I > am > >> installing onto a 7500). I read somewhere that I needed to change the > >> file type and creator on the image files to hImg and CDr3 which does > >> change them to Toast files but double clicking them or dragging them > onto > >> the Toast window merely produces an Untitled CD with the image file as > >> the only file to be burned (besides the hidden desktop files). I would > >> expect Toast to expand the image out into its directory structure... Do > I > >> have to have Toast Deluxe to accomplish a burn from an image file? > Before > >> I break down and just purchase the install CDs, is there something else > I > >> need to try? > > -- > > Christopher Murtagh > Webmaster / Web Communications Group > McGill University > Montreal, Quebec > Canada > > >

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