Sound Crashing System on B&W G3

Subject: Sound Crashing System on B&W G3
From: William K. Gibson (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 12:01:39 MDT

Hi all,

Just installed Linux a few days ago on my B&W G3 from anonymous FTP to
sourceforge. Months ago I had installed it on a Beige G3 and it works there

Things seemed cool enough but I could not get the sound to work. Aha, I
think, I remember this being a problem before. So I consult the faq which
tells me to insert 'alias sound dmasound' into /etc/conf.modules

Ok, fair enough, now reboot. Try to bring up Kmix. Suddenly the ENTIRE
machine hangs. I'm not talkin' one process crashing, I'm talking the machine
locked up entirely. Couldn't even telnet in from another machine.

Thought maybe it was Kmix but it also happens when trying to adjust the mac
volume in MOL. Tried playing the CD, but no sound came out (at least it
doesn't crash).

This happens repeatedly and without fail. Super annoying to figure out since
it involves a complete reboot and fsck for every crash.

Anyone had a similar problem or have an idea what I can do?

A few notes:

I typed 'modprobe dmasound' before rebooting the first time after changing
/etc/conf.modules. This gave me a weird error about conf.modules being
modified later than some other file (can't remember now- not in Linux). I
still get the error if I do it again.

My linux system is not on the boot disk of my B&WG3, but on an internal scsi
disk attached to an adaptec card, but this hasn't seemed to cause problems
with anything else.

--William K. Gibson
1stDesk Systems

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