usb over-current

Subject: usb over-current
From: chandler (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 06:25:37 MDT

okay. I know I saw this on the list just recently, but all my attempts to
search the list archives at [ydl].com come up with empty results (not just
this question, but any questions I've put in for the last week or two). So
I apologize for asking potentially repetitive questions.

I'm sure rebooting will solve this, and I am going to do that, since I
shut this machine down every night anyway, but I am getting a
/var/log/messages full of "usb over-current" lines (several timestamped
for the same second), and the drive is practically smoking trying to write
them. I've unplugged both usb cables from my iMac and that seemed to stop
the insane writing. Now I just have the keyboard plugged in, which in turn
has a mouse plugged into it. The other cable just went to an empty entrega
4-port hub (by empty I mean that none of the devices are on, but there are
a few plugged in).

So my questions: How to prevent this sort of thing, if it is not some
accident of magnetism, electricity, position of the moon (i.e. random
hardware issue)? How to modify the syslog daemon so that it ignores this
particular message, even if it does happen again?


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