Re: Sound woes again (please help)

Subject: Re: Sound woes again (please help)
From: Ed Jaeger (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 12:41:28 MDT

When logged in as root type "lsmod" to list loaded modules. If dmasound
is not listed type "modprobe dmasound", then try kmix, etc. If they
work then the problem is that the kernel isn't loading dmasound
automagically as needed. I tore out a bit of what little hair I have
tracking a problem like this down - it turned out I had misspelled the
module name in /etc/conf.modules - if this isn't the problem perhaps a
more experienced module type will chime in.

"William K. Gibson" wrote:
> Ok, if you read my previous mail about kmix crashing then disregard it. I
> trashed my kmixrc file and it now works. Anyway...
> I still can't get sound to work from my B&W G3 mac. And yes I know to put
> "alias sound dmasound" in the /etc/conf.modues file.
> When I type 'kmix' from the command line I get an error message saying:
> kmix: could not write to mixer
> Similarly when I attempt to adjust the volume it says:
> kmix: could not read from mixer
> aumix gives me a read error as well.
> Frustrated I replaced the following rpms on my linux machine:
> audiofile-devel
> audiofile
> aumix
> dev (yes the entire /dev directory)
> esound
> Running kmix or aumix still gives the same error. What component of my
> system is broken? Is there some driver that is trashed that I can replace?
> Can anyone recommend how to fix this? Please help, this is driving (ha) me
> crazy!
> Thanks in advance.
> --William K. Gibson
> 1stDesk Systems

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