Gone Home (Beta)

Subject: Gone Home (Beta)
From: D. Marcus Johnson (schwaahed@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 13:31:27 MDT

Hi I bought a copy of Gone Home (Beta), this morning
to try to install on an iMac DV SE. I purchased the
CD-R from Charles Stevenson, who was very helpful
(thanks Charles).
      This is where my problem is. Once I get to the
point in the installer where you choose the install
packages I choose the basic install. It is the first
choice and the default, also Charles advised me to do
this as there were some dependency issues that they
had not worked out yet with the other choices. after I
coose this option I get a command line crawling up the
screen under the Installer's blue with this error

Traceback (innermost last):
     File "./yi", line 60, in?
     File "./ui", line 408, in run
     File "./ui.Py", line 174, in run
        import sys, traceback
PySlang.err: No such file or directory

I than get something to the effect of an abnormally
exited install receiving signal 11 etc..... and than
it hangs.
     I can make a hard reboot into the installer but I
get stuck in the same place.
     I am also unable to figure out how to get the
Install CD-R out of the computer.


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