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Subject: Re: Gone Home (Beta)
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Sun Jul 23 2000 - 14:45:17 MDT


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> Hi I bought a copy of Gone Home (Beta), this morning
> to try to install on an iMac DV SE. I purchased the
> CD-R from Charles Stevenson, who was very helpful
> (thanks Charles).
> This is where my problem is. Once I get to the
> point in the installer where you choose the install
> packages I choose the basic install. It is the first
> choice and the default, also Charles advised me to do
> this as there were some dependency issues that they
> had not worked out yet with the other choices. after I
> coose this option I get a command line crawling up the
> screen under the Installer's blue with this error
> message:
> <snip>-------------------------------------------
> Traceback (innermost last):
> File "./yi", line 60, in?
> File "./ui", line 408, in run
> UI().run()
> File "./ui.Py", line 174, in run
> import sys, traceback
> PySlang.err:
> PySlang.err: No such file or directory
> <snip>--------------------------------------------
> I than get something to the effect of an abnormally
> exited install receiving signal 11 etc..... and than
> it hangs.
> I can make a hard reboot into the installer but I
> get stuck in the same place.
> I am also unable to figure out how to get the
> Install CD-R out of the computer.
> -Thanks
> Darwin
> I
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