MMDS connection & ethernet port

Subject: MMDS connection & ethernet port
From: Philippe Moreau (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 11:45:36 MDT

Hi all...

I have an asymmetric MMDS connection at home 1.5Mbps/33.6Kbps. This
the technology that Look TV uses to serve High speed internet. The
hardware used is an "Hybrid" ( router with a
56K/V.90 modem. Only the router is pluged to my computer directly on
my ethernet card with an RJ45 twisted pair cable. The modem is
pre-configured and pluged directly in the router.

All the networking configurations are made via DHCP, in MacOS all I
have to do is to configure TCP/IP to use DHCP, open my modem and then
send a TCP/IP request by entering an URL in Netscape or opening
another software that sends a TCP/IP request.

I need to send a TCP/IP request via the ethernet port for my modem to
dial but I guess I have to bring up the the "eth0" interface first.

I'm using netcfg to bring up my "eth0" interface but it keeps telling
me, after a while that he couldn't find or querry any IP setings.
I've configured netcfg so it uses DHCP and I've disabled the "eth0"
interface at boot time to avoid a too long boot time.

I've also tried to replace "pumpd" by "dhcpdc" but I not sure wich
files to modify for my system to really use "dhcpdc" ???

Is there a way to test the ethernet card or port (eth0) to see if it
works properly ?

I'm using YellowDogLinux 1.2 with kernel 2.2.15pre19 on a G3/233 Desktop.

Thanks !

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