Re: Problem with Orange Micro SCSI and Installer

Subject: Re: Problem with Orange Micro SCSI and Installer
From: Neil Leatherbury (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 15:08:49 MDT

My understanding is that you need kernel support compiled in for the SCSI
adapter, so you can't just install on a hard drive connected to the internal
and then change the connection to the adapter.

I also understand that OrangeMicro uses Advansys chips on their cards.
Looking at, PPC support is
"on the way".

Sorry! I'm frustrated too!

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From: Dustin Evermore <>
Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 3:59 PM
Subject: Re: Problem with Orange Micro SCSI and Installer

>Sorry Tom, I had the same problem with my Orange Micro Grappler 940UW card.
>It's much faster than the builtin SCSI in my 9500 so it would have been
>to run my UW hard drives off it. Unfortunately, only MacOS seems to see
>card and what it's running. I have multiple scsi drives, tho, and have YDL
>running off the internal. It's good enough for me right now, so I've
>stopped there.
>But here's an idea. Maybe you can do the install on a hard drive on the
>internal bus. Then move it to the Grappler. You'll probably need to
>Bootx. Might not work, but it shouldn't cost you anything.
>Dustin Evermore
>> Subject: Problem with Orange Micro SCSI and Installer
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to install Champion Server 1.2 on a PM 7500 with an add-on
>> Orange Micro Grappler SCSI card ( to which my external HD is attached
>> ). My problem is that the installer is not seeing the HD on the
>> controller. I checked the FAQ's available at Yellow Dog to no avail (
>> no mention of Orange Micro period ). Has anyone run into this one
>> before, and if so, is there a work-around?
>> Thanks,
>> Tom
>> ( Eventually, I'm going to get a G4 and migrate the SCSI card and HD
>> there; otherwise I would just use the built-in SCSI on the 7500 )
>> --
>> Tom Crow

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