PS/2 mouse through Belkin KVM switch?

Subject: PS/2 mouse through Belkin KVM switch?
From: Adrian Friday (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 04:43:23 MDT

Dear all,

     Just installed YellowDog CS1.2 on my PowerPC 8500 (install went
very smoothly). However, when I run X the mouse is not functioning
correctly - it moves just fine, but generates random button clicks
and their associated menus when the button isn't pressed.

The mouse is actually a PS/2 mouse through a KVM switch (Belkin
OmniCube with Belkin mac converter (PS/2->ADB)). I suspect this may
be the cause of my problems (although I have no issues with the mouse
and MacOS).

Has anyone else had any similar experiences (ideally with the same
converter unit).

Appreciate any help,


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