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Subject: Re: Netatalk
From: JHS (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 10:06:49 MDT

on 7/28/00 10:27 AM, Ulrik Sjöström at wrote:

> Hi everyone!
> This is from a total UN*X newbie..
> I have installed YDL CS 1.2 on a performa 6400/180. And it works like
> a charm, albeit a bit slow in X.
> But i cant get appletalk services to start., no matter what i do. I
> have checked all tha FAQ's i can find on the net. And even though i
> do exactly as stated, nothing happens. Does anyone have a clue of
> where to find some thorough documentation on the subject. And, while
> i'm at it, also about LPR? I cant get the Epson 600 to work either.
> Best....
> Ulrik Sjöström

Look in the linux faq-omatic.

There are good instructions there on what you need to do.
One caveat: the instructions there mention using hstty but what worked for
me was using 'stty'. You'll see where stty and hstty show up in the filter
file and in /etc/rc.d/rc.local

Also note: first use printtool to set up the printer. Then set up the
queue. Then set up the filter file (there are a couple lines you'll need to
add. If you go back into the printtool, you may also need to re-edit the
filter file.

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