RE: is this a partition problem?

Subject: RE: is this a partition problem?
From: Christopher Legel (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 08:14:38 MDT

Hey Busman,

        You know I was having this problem too last week installing YD on a couple
of G3's and I was going to write in about it too. I did manage to work
around it by switching the root and the swap partitions. YD started like a
dream after that. So if you tried what I did, you will have your tell YD
to list your swap as hda10 and your root as hda11.

        However, my question is this: am I going to see trouble down the line
because there is some sort of corruption going on my harddrive (before
switching the root and swap partitions I did a low level format and zeroed
all data on the disk using drive setup with still no luck) or is everything
going to work like a charm from here on out?


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