Re: PostFix - and how to make it

Subject: Re: PostFix - and how to make it
From: Takashi Oe (
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 14:14:20 MDT

On Mon, 2 Jul 2001 14:54:15 -0500, Takashi Oe wrote:

> On Sun, 01 Jul 2001 17:00:57 -0700, Rob Brandt wrote:
> > Takashi;
> >
> > I've looked through the postfix documentation and if it says somewhere that
> > it needs "yp-" I don't see it. The "Install" file seems to assume a full
> > set of development tools installed. It does say to have db3-devel
> > installed, which I do. I have now verified that yp-tools and ypbind were
> > installed, and have added ypserv, which was missing. Running make, I still
> > get the same errors:
> >
> > gcc -Wmissing-prototypes -Wformat -g -O -I. -I../../include -DLINUX2 -o
> > error error.o ../../lib/libmaster.a ../../lib/libglobal.a ../../lib/libutil.a
> > -ldb
> > ../../lib/libutil.a(dict_nis.o): In function `dict_nis_init':
> > /root/postfix-20010228-pl03/src/util/dict_nis.c:81: undefined reference to
> > `yp_get_default_domain'
> Ok, ok. I've looked up at for yp_get_default_domain,
> and it returned a bunch of links for php3/4. So, I'd guess the
> missing component to be php or something equivalent.

Of course, not! My bad. yp_match etc is defined in libnsl.* which
comes with glibc. So, gcc needs "-lnsl" to find it; that is, the
command above should look:

gcc -Wmissing-prototypes -Wformat -g -O -I. -I../../include -DLINUX2 -o error error.o ../../lib/libmaster.a ../../lib/libglobal.a ../../lib/libutil.a -ldb -lnsl

or so.

I don't know where you need to edit, perhaps Makefile for dict_nis.c?

Takashi Oe

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