Re: How do I add my Epson printer?????

Subject: Re: How do I add my Epson printer?????
From: r may (
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 17:32:48 MDT

I recomend CUPS ( for printing. It's what I use with my Epson 700 through a USB/Parallel adapter. It works really well and is really easy to setup. Once you install it you can set it up through a browser interface (localhst:631) or a terminal prompt. Also you may want to look into gimp-print which provides drivers for various printer software. CUPS will have good drivers for Epson printers but gimp-print will probably have a Epson 740 driver (it has a 700 driver).

I'm sure you can find the cups*.ppc.rpm in the software list. It'll conflict with lpr but thats ok CUPS replaces some of its files. The doc files can be long to read through. So if you want me too I can send you the specific steps you need to go through to set it up.

good luck,

On Mon, 02 Jul 2001 16:04:35 -0400
Richard G Brock <> wrote:

> Hi.
> I successfully installed YDL 2.0 and have been using it since. however,
> being a newbie, I can't figure how to add my Epson 740 printer.
> Can someone please help?
> Thanks in advance.
> regards
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> Richard Brock
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