Re: using ydl and a black box

Subject: Re: using ydl and a black box
From: Jeff Walker (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 13:41:51 MDT


I have a similar problem. I have 9500 w/ Sonnet G3-350. I am using this
with MACOS 9.04, YDL 2.0 on the 9500 and switching between a PC. I use the
Belkin Omni cube 4 port unit with a MAC adaptor.

My keyboard works fine but the mouse goes ape when you start X. It acts
like one of the buttons is stuck and whatever you run it over gets selected
or activated.

I have tried redefining the mouse in the configuration file under YDL 1.2
without success, but not in 2.0 as yet.

Still working the issue.

Jeff Walker

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