Re: newbee questions

Subject: Re: newbee questions
From: David Peers (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 14:12:19 MDT


Have you started up the samba server package?
You have to make sure that it is started and create some users and
shared folders, check the Linux Documentation Projects web site on how
to start up samba. If you have it running the default is to not allow
guest access. All of these settings can be configured via the web based
SWAT package you get to this by typing http://yourip:901 (after you have
samba started up. Your win machines will easily see the linux server
when you have started samba. I use xsmbrowser (looks pretty much like
network neighborhood) and set the netbios name from there (you can
probably get that from
Also, you CD should mount by typing
mount /dev/cdrom at the command line - put this in the fstab file and it
should mount automatically (i think)
In X windows you can just click on the CD icon on the desktop and this
will mount it for you.

I am not sure about the external scsi.
Starting Samba will be fairly easy, i just don't remember the exact
commands and don't have any documentation in front of me.

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