Re: Kernel panic

Subject: Re: Kernel panic
From: david bonde (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 18:58:15 MDT

At 09.35 -0600 00-06-01, Charles Stevenson wrote/00-06-01, 09.35
-0600 skrev Charles Stevenson:

> > >Try init=/sbin/init
>> Where should I put this string?
>> Thanks
>If you are using yaboot you type it into the yaboot prompt:
>linux init=/sbin/init

It doesn't work:-(

Still the same kernel panic. My booting procedure:

my conf-file look like this:

default = linux
image = hd:9,\vmlinux
label = linux
root = /dev/hda15

I restart into OF and type
setenv boot-device hd:9,\yaboot.tbxi <enter>
boot <enter>

I get to the yaboot prompt and type either

linux <enter>


linux init=/sbin/init

and everytime I get a kernel panic:-(

Should I look for something special?

I have a G4 with a Studio Display 21. The only USB-stuff I have
connected is my keyboard to the computers USB-port 2 and the mouse to
the keyboard. Furthermore, I have ethernet connected to a hub to a
dhcp-server, but that's it.

The kernel isn't the only thing close my desk that is panicking now:-(

Any ideas?

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