KDE Package Installation Problem

Subject: KDE Package Installation Problem
From: Len Taylor (len.taylor@tesco.net)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 14:22:24 MDT

Can someone please help me?

I'm having a problem installing packages onto my YDL v1.2 system running
on a mac performa 6400.In the following typical example I have downloaded
kmail and extracted the program but when I come to do a "./configure"
it appears to start off ok then ends with the message shown below.
To my knowledge I have not changed compilers-I don't think I would know how to!

How do I carry out the checks which are suggested ? Can someone please
point me in the right direction?

Len Taylor
Home Screen checking for KDE headers installed... yes
checking for KDE libraries installed... configure: error: your system
fails at linking a small KDE application!
Check, if your compiler is installed correctly and if you have used
the same compiler to compile Qt and kdelibs as you did use now
[root@localhost kmail-]#

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