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Subject: Re: 1.2: Can't install
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 20:52:35 MDT


> I bought this release of CD1.2 from Linux Mall for ~$43.00. What a
> major disappointment. Had I know how little I was going to get for my money
> I would have simply downloaded the ISOs and gone from there. The 2 pages in
> the "manual" dedicated to the RS/6000 are pitiful - there's even a friggin'
> typo in the firmware commands!

Unfortunatly, this is a result of the complications of Linux on RS/6000.
The port is not perfect. In fact, we don't officially support RS/6k
anymore (with the 1.2 release anyway) because it just doesn't work well.
We can't even build a kernel that will work on our B50 and F50 internally.
IBM is now ramping up a PowerPC team which will hopefully help with some
of these issues. (i.e.: support more machines, video cards, (better) hard
disk booting, etc.) They are helping us look into some of the glaring
issues so that we can get a zImage update our for 1.2.

Our installer supports RS/6k, the distribution works great on RS/6k.. but
the latest and last several versions of the 2.2 kernel are badly hurting
on RS/6k.

> Does anyone from Yellow Dog monitor these lists? I need some
> answers on this quick - I'm evaluating a quote for US$150 MILLION dollars
> for a major SP (I can't say who, but perhaps UU can guess), looking to roll
> out several configs of drop-in services on the B50 running YDL. My
> experiences this far leave me less than confident in this distros
> capabilities on this architecture.

Yes, we do monitor this list. You can contact me directly, as well..
Linux support in general on RS/6000 is less then perfect. Our experience:
once Linux is up and running, it runs very well.


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