Re: new ? on installing a new drive question and processor upgrade

Subject: Re: new ? on installing a new drive question and processor upgrade
From: Ed Jaeger (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 09:29:34 MDT

You will probably also want to set up a swap partition for linux - just
one for all your versions will work. Also, make sure you have less than
16 total partitions - Apple's drive setup puts in a bunch itself (4 or
so) just for the driver & some other stuff.

I have a PowerLogix G3 upgrade in my PowerBase which works in linux just
fine, although you have to turn on the L2 cache by hand. However, the
only G3 for the 6500 is from Sonnet and is an L2 card (it replaces the
L2 cache dimm instead of relacing the original CPU), so you will need to
check around to seeif it will mork.

"Turnquist,Wayne" wrote:
> ok, i will have to buy a big drive, lets say 18 gig
> lets say i format it into 6 2 gig and 2 3 gig sections using hfs only
> im going to use the 2 gig sections to run/play with two different
> flavors/kernels of linux and i will leave one of the 2 gig sections as a
> shared place for the mac and linux, four will be used for mac os 8.6 and the
> other one will be used to beta test the next macos x
> what should i watch out for,
> can i place linux in any of the above partions
> should i partion some with hfs+
> ?
> ps, does any one have one of newers g3-ls 400/200 upgrade processor cards in
> a powerpc 6500/250.
> if i upgrade to this card, will linux run, will macos x run
> thanks for your time

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