Klunky X

Subject: Klunky X
From: Graham Leggett (minfrin@sharp.fm)
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 15:07:48 MDT

Hi all,

This is something that has been bothiering me for a while now, and I
have never really figured out whose fault this is.

On my X desktop, the quality of the rendering of text on the screen has
always been shockingly bad when compared to MacOS or even Windows. Fonts
are blocky and ugly. Having just downloaded and built the M16 Mozilla
release the results I got with GTK+ were just aweful. The fonts were
scaled badly, none of the icons lined up, text was obscured, etc.

Before chasing down the Mozilla people, I wanted to check here first -
is there anything that can be done to improve font rendering under X? Is
this X's fault, or is the cause a lack of quality fonts? Will upgrading
to v4.0 of XFree86 make any difference?

I have seen a lot of these problems with many of the Gnome apps - it
seems that a lot of them suffer from poor UI performance. Blocks of
screen are rendered more than once, window elements are drawn and then
redrawn again in their correct location and size instead of being
rendered correctly the first time, etc.

Anyone else have an ugly desktop or is it just me?


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