Hello and hardware questions

Subject: Hello and hardware questions
From: Nathan A. McQuillen (nmlists@steaky.dhs.org)
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 14:42:01 MDT

Hello to the list! I've been using LinuxPPC for about six months, I'm
migrating to Yellow Dog, and I have a few nagging questions that I can't
seem to find answers to anywhere on the YDL site (or any other Linux

1. Where can I find documentation and kernel/XPmac versions to support
older PCI video cards? I have four PowerComputing machines with various
cards (ATI Mach64 2MB and IMS Twin Turbo 4MB) -- does anyone know of a
clearinghouse for information and files to support YDL on this hardware?
I've been able to get X to load and display on both cards, but using the
Twin Turbo, dragging a window hoses the display, and the Mach64 will only
run at 8 bpp.

1.1. Where can I, for that matter, find alternate versions of XPmac (and
kernels, if need be) for other hardware? I have a beige G3 that will run
the MacOS in 32 bpp at 1152x870, but I can't get X to display properly at
higher than 16 bits. Is there a PMac-specific reference to tweaking
XConfig video settings?

2. Is there any general reference to YDL's support (or lack of support?)
for PCI cards? I'd like to add 10/100 cards to my G3 and PC Pro, and add
an ATA card to the PC Pro, but I can't find any information on whether YDL
supports any such cards, or what sort of configuration process would be
involved. Will YDL support cards that the MacOS doesn't?

3. Is anyone still developing kernel support for the Adaptec 2940 cards? I
have a 2940UW that hangs my PCPro on any copy across busses and most
simple reads. Is there a particular 2940 firmware version necessary for
card compatibility, or does it simply not work very well?

If there /is/ currently no on-line reference answering these questions,
I'd be happy to provide and serve one once I have the answers myself.
These Power Computing machines would seem to be ideal Linux boxes if only
they could be upgraded -- please help!

- Nathan

PS - I'd be very interested in hearing from other folks interested in
running Linux on Power Computing hardware -- feel free to email me
directly, and by all means clue me in if there's a mailing list out there
somewhere! Thanks.

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